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VanWert Technology Design is a commercial and home technology design, consulting and management firm. As an unbiased design firm that does not sell products, we are able to assist to find the best solution, installation company, and manage the installation process within the clients budget.

Architect. Electrical Engineer.Mechanical Engineer. They all design systems for your space to be executed by others. Technology needs should be the same.


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Q. What is a technology consultant?

A. Simply put a consultant is a professional that offers expert advice. Just as you would hire an architect, electrical engineer, landscape designer, lighting designer,etc.... you should also have a technology design for the A/V, IT, security, lighting control, and private theater needs for your project to assist in this often confusing process. 

Q. Do you sell equipment or program my system?

A. No, under no circumstances, just as your architect would likely not be framing your walls and leave that for the contractors we do not sell or install equipment. We focus on what we do best, design.

Q. I am working on a new project how do I know if I need a technology designer? 

A. If you are working on a commercial or residential new construction or remodel project that has A/V, IT, security, lighting control or a private cinema we can definitely benefit your project. 

Q. Can't the A/V company provide design/build services instead of hiring a consultant? 

A. Absolutely! Some A/V firms actually do a good job with design services! However, in most cases technology is thought about far too late in the process and there is no-one to help develop a scope of work, budgets, design documents, etc... so you can get "apple to apples" bids from A/V companies to know whom to hire in the first place. There are also numerous services we offer that A/V installation companies do not, give us a call and we can go into these and many other benefits.  


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