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May the 4th be with you!- Star Wars Themed Theater

To celebrate Star Wars day "May the 4th" I thought I would share a fun theater design we did in honor of Star Wars.

This theater was created with available parts from some of the manufacturers we commonly design into our projects. A acoustically transparent 16' Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro screen with the speakers placed behind the screen. A Dolby 7.1.4 audio system perfectly fills the room with two pairs of side surrounds one pair of rear speakers and two pairs of over head speakers and 4 subwoofers for even bass response throughout most of the room.

One of my favorite aspects of the room is the video wall on the side wall giving the viewer the feeling of being in "space" while they are watching a movie. When your not watching your favorite Star Wars film you can use that second screen to watch multiple sporting events at once. Just think of how many football games you can get on two huge screens in one room!

Seating for the room was provided by Cineak with color scheme provided by none other than Darth Vader himself! Of course we didn't ignore the very important acoustics of the room. Given the fact we are showing a hard marble like floor in the space we opted to treat the ceilings and walls with variable absorption and diffusion in key areas to provide the optimal reverb time in the space.

Acoustics play an extremely important part in any good theater design as they will dramatically improve the intelligibility of dialog with movies and sports and allow for much more realistic surround sound performance in the space. I have personally seen a modest amount of very inexpensive acoustics make a night and day difference in the sound of the room.

Hope you enjoy this space and hope it gives you some inspiration to plan your own space in your next home, an extra room in your home, or maybe just a revamp of an existing theater!

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