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What the heck is a technology designer/consultant!? Part 1

Yep, we know if we haven't worked with you or a member of your design team yet, we get that question pretty often. Wether it's projects for clients in Los Angeles, New York, or Hawaii the all have similar questions and needs.

Is your company an AV installer? Nope...

Do you program these smart home systems? Nope... try again.

So what is that you do exactly?

Well, let me give you a bit of insight... let's say your a client building a new home, a new commercial building or remodeling an existing space in a major area such as Los Angeles, New York, or Seattle.

Example floor plan for a commercial design in Chicago

A majority of the time you are going to have an architect, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, a landscape designer and even a lighting designer on your team. However, very rarely (if ever) is there someone designing and planning the technology systems (AV, IT, security, theaters, lighting control) for these projects. We help fill that much needed gap on the design team.

Far too often these technology systems are not planned early enough or properly which can headaches, confusion, cost overruns etc..... typically it's a difficult dilemma for the client and design team as they know technology needs to be discussed but more often than not clients would like three competitive bids. If you don't have a detailed design, how do you get competitive bids?

From a client's (home or business owner) it's nice to have a professional on the design team that can openly talk about budgets, different solutions and do all of this while the space is still being designed to help minimize changes, streamline the process and get the technology designed into the space very early on.

That's all for now. Keep any eye out for part 2 later and I'll dive a bit deeper into the process and some of the benefits for the client, design team and even the AV integrator.

Be more kind,

David VanWert

Rendering of acoustic design and planning for a private cinema


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