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The Golden Age (Home) Theater?

As I write this I am officially one month into this stay at home mandate here in Los Angeles with at least one more month to go. With lots of time and two young daughters one thing there is no shortage of is entertainment on TV. As a family we had family movie night over the weekend, normally, it's one of the many 80's and 90's gems like The Never-ending Story or Labyrinth that I'm get a kick out of showing to my kids for the first time.

This weekend, we had a treat...we were able to watch the latest movie that should have been in theaters...Trolls World Tour. With rumors of AMC filing bankruptcy and Cinemark raising funds this week, are we in for a major shift?

Technology is everywhere and now a $30 streaming stick Well let you play the latest movies (for now) right in your Family Room on movie night. You can also make major upgrades to that flat screen TV to bring that movie experience home. With a bit of planning you can turn from a Family Room durning the day to an AMC rival at night.

image courtesy of Screen Innovations

Solutions like this Screen Innovations "floating" screen, a decent sound system and some creative room acoustics can literally transform your room into a stunning movie experience that the kids will love, while you enjoy a glass of wine, and even pause it for a bathroom or snack break.

While we're all stuck at home get those gears turning about adding that movie theater to the Family Room, converting that Garage or transforming an empty room into a great little Media Room.

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