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Welcome to our new blog! Tech, tips, and thoughts, sharing work and inspiration

Hi Everyone!

While we are all stuck inside waiting for the COVID-19 storm to pass I've decided to give our website a much needed overhaul and start a blog! Going to try and keep on this blog regularly and share some thoughts. Going to keep it real light and fun share some of our technology, tips, tricks, and thoughts on things. Will likely focus on theater design, technology consulting in Los Angeles, New York and Hawaii where we work most often.

Will also share some of our work, designs, inspiration and renderings along the way. Hope you like it maybe you learn something, maybe you're entertained, maybe you're not, we like to cater to everyone.

If you have any topics you'd like our insight on shoot us a note

Be more kind,

David VanWert


Here is a fun rending we did for a private cinema, hopefully this gives you some inspiration to build that theater in your next home.


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